Faster to form and perfection

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Wenzel DesignTecTM

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Faster to form and perfection

-------- CORONA INFO --------
Despite the extraordinary circumstances due to the corona virus we want to give you as much support as we can.
We obey social distancing in our facilities and a large part of our team operates from home-office.
You can reach your well known contacts via email or phone during our normal business hours.
We are prepared to give phone/online support and presentations.
We thank you for your trust. Stay healthy!

For impatient designers and modelers, continuous improvers and forward thinkers we have created new kinds of studio systems. Made for creative people who want to reach their full potential in automotive design development.

More time
for what really
your design

What guarantees ongoing, new and exciting projects in a design studio?

A superbly designed car that sells well.

Milling is not creative, but it helps you to give physical shape to ideas produced on computer. It allows you to ‘feel’ and really understand those ideas.
So milling cycles should take place as fast as possible - to get you back to what is really important: your hands and minds on the design.

Perfection in Clay milling

With a rich heritage, vast experience and focused innovation, Wenzel delivers clay milling machines for automotive design studios which set the benchmark in performance, versatility and aesthetics.

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